24 August 2010

Visual Journey: Cataract Gorge

The Cataract Gorge is only 10 minutes away from Launceston and I have visited the place many times. It was one of the places where I practice photography a lot. It was quite a challenge because, the scene has a lot of contrast, so preferably the scene should be taken late in the evening or in the early mornings. I never liked much of the photos I have taken of that place, but recently, I get much better results, the light was right as it was a bit cloudy. I have also been shooting RAW now, so now I know the benefits of RAW.

Before this trip, I photographed the gorge with my rangefinder with HP5 film. Check back soon.

21 August 2010

Photographing Kids

Photographing kids can sometimes be difficult using a rangefinder because by the time you get the focus right, they would probably start moving again. It is not impossible just more difficult. This is where autofocus plays a better role for the job in the digital era. The kids that I have encountered today did not move around too much, so I managed to capture them with relative ease...

12 August 2010

Old Photos

Since this blog is about photos... I will show you some old photos taken with the Olympus E30 and the Zuiko 50-200 SWD. At 200mm they give 400mm equivalent of reach... These are the photos that I have taken in one of my many trips to Melbourne...

08 August 2010

Back in action

I am sorry... I know I have not updated my blog recently. I was busy with something else. But it doesn't mean I have not been taking photos. By the way, my Plustek scanner is no longer functioning so these are scans from my Epson v300 flatbed scanner so the quality is not great =( So here's a few of what I have shot on film...

I will try to update my blog weekly so stay tuned....