19 April 2010

Diploma of Photography

I have several stuff which came in today by mail and the one most significant is my diploma...!!! Not long ago, I enrolled in an online photography course known as The Photography Institute. You can get more information from the website here, www.thephotographyinstitute.com.au. I just want to let you all know that this website is NOT a scam.

The course will cost you about AUD $1000, check the site for more accurately pricing. The good news is that you can pay the fee by installment, meaning don't have to pay the entire sum at one go. The course is made up of 12 modules and each has an assignment which you have to complete in order to proceed. They have a tutor nominated for you for any questions that you have and your assignments will be graded and commented. The feedback you get is valuable to know where you stand in terms of your skills, knowledge and creativity. For those interested, it is highly recommended if you seek t0 broaden your knowledge in photography, want to take better pictures or even wanting to start a career out of photography.

Here's my proof that the course is legitimate, my diploma in my name:


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