12 April 2010

Why am I blogging?

I have never blogged and this is my first post on my first blog. I always thought that only girls have diaries and having one as a guy was just wrong... haha. Then came the internet, friendster, facebook, myspace and blogs... etc. I never bothered to blog back then because I was too busy enjoying my teenage youth. I am often out with my friends enjoying what ever life has to offer. I was quite sociable back then at least I try too... haha. I think I am different now, after living in Tasmania in the quest to get my architectural qualifications for more than 3 years now. I start to appreciate small things in life and what it means. Tasmania is a beautiful untouched island in Australia which promises lush landscapes and active wildlife. Nevertheless it is a paradise for nature photographers.

Batman Bridge in Tasmania

One of the lighthouses at the Gordon River in Tasmania

Henty Dunes in Tasmania

Apparently most photographers are a bunch of secretive people and I am no exception, now. Hmm... very strange. I am not saying that I am a photographer as a profession but I do have a passion for it and this I think is the reason I have this blog. I want to record my experiences through my images and share them to everyone who reads my blog. It is no point keeping the pictures to myself. It is a space for discussions and opinions for anything from gears to life experiences.

It is funny it turned out this way because when I was younger, I used to think that I could just own a good camera phone to replace a digital camera. Obviously at that time I needed a good phone more than a good camera because as I said I needed it to contact my friends and I text message a lot, sometimes just to chat out of boredom. Don't we all as teenagers? Right now my phone is barely used and I don't call people that much anymore. I don't text people for the sake of chatting anymore too.

Shot Factory at Melbourne Central

I enjoy taking photos and capturing the moments more, becoming a voyeur now. Being physically there at the precise moment can never replace an image. But once that moment is gone, we tend to forget it. It would be great if our eyes were the lenses which they are and our brains are the camera which they aren't.. haha. We can interpret what we see and record faint glimpses of our memories in our brains but we cannot relive them. Photographs are the closest thing we have to relive those wonderful moments. Of course video is much better, but that is another topic all together.

Autism Awareness Day in Melbourne

My blog is going to be about my photo journey of my life, camera gears and gadget reviews and my take on certain things in life. Come back for more.


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