15 April 2010

I love my LENSBABY lens like a baby...!!!

After a possibly boring and overwhelming bucket of information in my previous post, I will post something with lots of FUN. I just got my LENSBABY Composer today and I'm in love with the pictures I got and I want to share with you all. Here's the official website for those who wants to know more; www.lensbaby.com.

Here's my LENSBABY Composer:

Basically this fun lens gives my the ability to adjust the focus point to anywhere in the image using the ball and socket system. This lens is manual focus lens and it has no electronic communication with the camera at all, so all manual and all fun. and you can get the look you want by shifting the lens up, down, left or right. This is what I got for now... my wife's portraits and my toy car. I will post more pictures in the near future...

As you can see the the LENSBABY can be very sharp as it comes with a double glass optic which gives sharp results. You can even swap the optic inside for a different look. I have got only the plastic optic which gives me a very dreamy look. Here's the LENSBABY plastic optic:

This is what the image look like with the plastic optic:

As you can see it is very dreamy, just like a girl in our wet dreams haha... It is not very practical for everyday use... but if the desired effect is required, I have that option. That's all for now... I will show you more what this lens can do in the near future...


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