30 May 2010

Why a DSLR, why live with the bulk...???

Until recently, when Panasonic reveals their first Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens camera, the G1, they were not much smaller in size as compared to an entry level DSLR, but now we have compact sized cameras versions, like the EP1, EP2, EPL1 from Olympus and the GF1 from Panasonic. So, when the image quality and noise control we get from these small cameras are better than any point and shoot due to the big half frame sensor, why do we still need a DSLR?

There are several reasons, but they are better justified in a full frame DSLR cameras from Canon or Nikon, not so much Olympus, the system I am currently using.

a) High ISO performance: The Nikon D3S allows you to shoot at ISO 6400 with very clean results. This is the best tool for events, weddings and night clubs.

b) High Dynamic range: Higher dynamic range means we can retrieve more details from the skies and less likely to blow the highlights. This is best for landscape photography.

c) Shallow Depth of Field: This allows for creative focus and ideal for combo cams like the 5D mark 2 which offer great video capabilities

d) Speed: Canon and Nikon now boasting 9-10 frames per second in their flagship cameras means we can now shoot sports at full frame. This is best for sports photography.

e) Ergonomics: This is subjective but I have big hands and holding the big guns from Canon or Nikon may be heavy, but they sure feel good on the hands.

f) Macro and Telephoto capability: The system offers lens for very close-up photography that cannot be compared to the close up filter or modes offer by compacts. Better serve in a crop camera body as you can get more reach.

g) Ultra Wide capability: The system offers lenses as wide as 12mm in full frame equivalent which is very very wide. Better served in a full frame camera body to get the wide focal length as per stated on the lenses.

Sure I wish to own a full frame camera one day due to the reasons above, but we need to ask ourselves whether we want or need them? If we are working pro... by all means get them. Most of us are happy with crop sensor DSLRs from Canon or Nikon, me I prefer Olympus as my crop system. I feel 2x crop is better crop than the near to full frame 1.6x 0r 1.5x crop from Canon or Olympus because the simple fact that you get more reach and lighter, smaller lenses can be made due to the crop factor.

So here are some macro shots... These remind me why I like my Olympus E-30 and the wonderful and sharp but slow Zuiko 50mm f2.0...

And with my Zuiko 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 SWD to get these wildlife telephoto shots:

That's all... Happy Shooting...


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